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DIVORCE WALA for divorce, compromise, settlement & mediation


NOTE:- Advise available for all countries laws vis-a-vis adultery & divorce so if you want divorce from your adulterous wife & want to have Consultation with ATUR CHATUR by paying him the consultation fees then contact him at +91-9873540498 & must also leave an email at ATURCHATUR@YAHOO.COM


Divorce Wala is the venture started by Hon'ble Atur Chatur which helps you understand the right way to file divorce.

If you need Divorce from your wife who filed false dowry complaints against you then DO NOT HASTE TO FILE DIVORCE if any divorce expert suggests you because the right STARTING POINT is RTI+TEP so that the husband is NOT blamed by the wife for harassment if mere TEP is filed. We are the eXperts in drafting your RTI+TEP and for which currently the fees is Rs. 3,000.- only wherein we also give you a lot of valuable judgments which help you succeed in proving the falsity of dowry claims of your wife.

Kindly note that:- If your wife does NOT sleep with you or she has left at her own accord / wishes then you need to get thorough consultation with divorce wala @ atur chatur so that you do not fall in trap of those divorce experts/ divorce gurus who falsely claim & thereby mislead you towards quick divorce. We believe that if you follow the right approach then you get close to getting divorce from adulterous or cruel wife.

Contact DIVORCE WALA @ +91-9873540498

Divorce Wala is an attempt by Atur Chatur to guide you the right steps towards getting divorce or right steps in bringing your adulterous/ cruel wife to the settlement or negotiation table.

To know more about Atur Chatur kindly visit:- ATUR CHATUR dot COM

  Contact DIVORCE WALA @ +91-9873540498

We have also started ventures such as Settlement Wala, Compromise Wala & Mediation Wala wherein we guide you people on how to bring the opposite party to the negotiation table & come for settlement, be it in mediation or be it in court.

Kindly be confident even if you guys are feeling very low in front of these women centric laws as there is OF COURSE a ray of light which we will guide you even in the times of utmost sadness. Must give us a chance to prove our worth. I am sure you won't be disheartened.

Best Wishes & Happy Fighting false cases & SOCIAL STIGMA on you & family!!!.


Contact DIVORCE WALA @ +91-9873540498


  1. Wt r the basic things to do at 1st date of dv

    1. In order to defeat a false domestic violence complaint by your wife you are late if you are asking what to do on the first date of dv.

      Mr. Sachin Bansode, you need to do something before the first date of dv as follows:-

      In order to win the false Domestic Violence case on you, one needs to concentrate on few aspects. Read your wife's plaint again & again & also read DIR & also again & again read her CAW plaint & FIR Copy. And also read her 125/ Divorce/ RCR & other cases filed by her & if as a husband u have filed Divorce/RCR then read her reply/WS therein also again & again & again. Keep noting the contradictions because if the case is false then NO FALSE CASE ON EARTH is strong enough to NOT have contractions/ vacillating stand/ void for vagueness/ vendetta/ vengeance/ lego-technical fallacy.

      Few helpful tools are:-
      (A) RTI
      (B) CrPC 91
      (C) Lego-technical fallacy
      (D) Perjury before WS or Perjury alongwith WS
      (E) At least 30 or more Preliminary Objections (V.V.Imp)
      (F) No Domestic Relationship Application in case she prepares Voter I.Card of that address
      (G) Name Fraud Application in case she files case in her maiden name (Lego Technical Fallacy)

    2. atur sir, i am prakash from delhi. can you prepare the WS for the complaint of my wife's domestic violence case? how should i contact you and how should i pay you?


    3. dear prakash:

      please send me your wife's domestic violence act petition through email and tell me the next date of hearing and ask me the fees for preparing your draft assistance for written statement for domestic violence.
      Email me at:-

  2. My advocate accepted money from my wife and has prepared very low standard written statement for domestic violence complaint of my wife. My next date is coming soon and I don't know how to remove this lawyer as I have signed vakalatnama. I have paid him the fees in advance but he is not ready to give me no objection certificate. Can you prepare my written statement? Can I remove advocate & file my written statement myself?

    1. Email me your wife's domestic violence complaint copy and also the para wise proofs that you have. If you have caught contradictory statements of your wife then send me those in as much detail as possible. I will get your WS drafted as soon as possible with a lot of preliminary objections & you can file it party in person.

  3. Atur Sir, I am a NRI. I have read a lot about you and my friend sabastin referred to you who used your services few years back. My wife recently left me in Canada by calling her brother to my Canadian address when I was in office. Her parents are not picking up the phone. Any suggestions.

    1. Immediately book an appointment with me Umesh so that I can discuss your entire case and suggest you the right strategies before they prepare afterthoughts filled false cases / complaints against you from India. To book an appointment for phonic consultation kindly find details at:-

  4. i was searching for someone who is expert in divorce petition drafting and my search finally ends. my blessings to chatur sir for this nice service. i have read a lot of your posts & i think you are the one who can write my divorce petition. bi request you to kindly take out some time to assist me in drafting my divorce petition. if you have time then kindly also draft my written statement/ reply for upcoming crpc 125 and domestic violence case filed by wife. i thank you in advance for your kind attention.

    1. Kindly mail me your wife’s crpc125 & DV petition and ask me through email the fees for WS for CrPC 125 and Written Statement/ Reply for your wife’s domestic violence petition and her accompanying maintenance application. Also send me a word file with the evidences you have so that I can help you write your WS for both the above criminal court and quasi civil quasi criminal petition.

      Email me:-

  5. i was searching for divorce lawyers in india or divorce lawyers in delhi/ haryana/ punjab when i reached this site. my advocate discouraged me not to write all the facts. my advocate tried to make a fool of me by saying that courts don't have time to read that much "judge ke pas itna padhne ka tym nahi hota" but atur chatur sir rightly guided me by telling me that the court is duty bound to write each & every of your words especially the preliminary objections before allowing domestic violence plaint of the wife.

    under the hon'ble guidance of chatur sir i was able to file around 80 preliminary objections which were spanning over 90+ pages out of which were included "no cause of action" to human rights invoking to extortion to malicious prosecution to criminal defamation and perjury/ fraud on court and court record tampering and illegal change of affidavit and name fraud by wife and no domestic relationship documentaed evidences and invoked 125(4) crpc against the wife and judgment exstracts within preliminary objections and now the judge has to copy paste extracts of my preliminary objections and search it in google before rejecting most of these preliminary objections otherwise he will indirectly be in contempt of upper courts in some instances.

    further to make my mother and sister out of the case I was suggested not to goto high court for quash or to pay in lakhs to the lawyers and I was suggested to move a simple application at the lower court itself before framing of charges or framing of issues. result is that my mother & sister are out of DV case and my friend's counsel still suggesting him to file discharge or exemption or permanent exemption. we invoked human rights through our WS for which I went through and found these arguments very much valid and court also acknowledged the same.

    atur chatur boss you have made my day. your writings are fantabulous. i must say that when you come in the picture you clear the mess and there remains no matrimonial dispute at all and instead what remains is the male winner who suffered from domestic violence or abuse by wife. and thanks for suggesting me those trump cards which we have kept for cross examination. i will soon get my divorce drafted under your noble assistance.9:25 AM 1/31/2017

  6. sir, what is munadi approach?

    in my case i filed divorce but my wife is not accepting summons and even newspaper publication is about to be done. she is playing delay tactics to frustrate me.

    can u suggest me

    1. when a husband files divorce or rcr (restitution of conjugal rights) then if the wife receive summons then the husband is advised to follow the munadi approach.

      To read more about how to implement munadi approach.
      Kindly visit:-
      and search the term munadi

      I have explained a lot about it there.\
      If any problem then feel free to email me:-

    2. sumit sabharwal25 June 2017 at 21:32

      thank you sir for this MUNADI APPROACH

      Initially I tried to search for it in your main site

      but later on I went to the bottom and clicked on COMMENTS
      when the comments opened then I searched using Ctrl+F and searched for MUNDADI


      thereafter, I wrote in inverted quotes in google as follows:-
      "munadi" "atur chatur"

      and I found this deep link to your website:-

      this link had MUNADI TACTICS i.e., munadi approach

      Further, I think if anything we want to search about atur chatur views then one should goto google and type:-
      as follows:-
      "munadi" "atur chatur"
      "proclaimed offender" "atur chatur"
      "look out circular" "atur chatur"
      "passport" "atur chatur"
      "NRI MEN CELL" "atur chatur"

  7. can u assist me in writing my divorce petition? since you are the matrimonial guru i am confident about your all round knowledge

    1. yes, i will assist you. kindly ask the fees for divorce draft assistance through my email id

  8. Saved as a favorite, I love your web site!

  9. Since there are false or fake #MeToo allegations hence people especially the celebrities and the high profile guys keep looking for men rights organzations working for men especially against these fake me too complainst filed by disgruntled women after several years or decades i.e., after the law of limitations bars them.

    So, to learn about, "How to close false #MeToo complaint?"

  10. MeToo or Fake MeToo are popular these days and to get help in MeToo Allegations falsity provisng must visit:-
    HOW TO CLOSE A FALSE #MeToo Complaint

    1. the best helpline for NRI especially the Non Resident Indian husbands trapped in false 498a or the #FakeMeToo Victims of abuse whose years of earnings have been wasted in litigation needs to handle the #FakeMeToo properly in order to Close the False MeToo at FIR or Social Networking Stage itself in a Lego-Tecnical Manner and for this the followng website may be contacted:-

      Hence, the representations to file in a LTR may also be used if the Divorce is required from wife for NO FAULT DIVORCE as per the latest amendment

      and also CRUELTY based and IRRTERIEVALE BREAKDOWN OF MARRIAGE may also be used as a ground for DIVORCE IN INDIA

      Divoirce Wala is here to help those victims of false 498a and the NRI's who need direly the services of a divorce attorney or someone who may be able to guide them the right steps to get divorce from the adulterous wife

      Best Wishes & Happy Fighting false cases & SOCIAL STIGMA on u & family !!!

      and also helping for the cause of #MeToo vis-a-vis #FakeMeToo allegations by disgruntled women on men all over the world after decades of silence

      Best Wishes & Happy Fighting false #MeToo and SOCIAL STIGMA on you & your earning power !!!

      Thanks & Regards
      झूठी WIFE को जेल भेजो !!!

  11. man helpline delhi (9873540498)

    this helpline provides help Non Resident indians working abroad in fighting false 498a and false divorce and other cases filed by wife while the NRI is abroad and this helpline may help the husband fight or contest and close a false 498a or other false cases from abroad without coming to India and without even using any vakalatnama or an advocate / lawyer/ counsel/ solicitor etc

    atur chatur 498a helpline for men (9873540498)

    the helpline for nri husbands also suggest to fight these cases party in person

  12. man cell delhi (9873540498)

    if you want to know how to close a false fir then you must also know the difference between case closed and a fir closed

    so if a NRI is trapped in false cases then the delhi based men helpline may be contacted to know the real meaning of a false fir and how to close a false fir through fair and unbiased investigation thereby preparation of a b report by the state or police through it's IO i.e., investigating officer

    consultation by atur chatur on phone (9873540498)

  13. men cell delhi (9873540498)

    if you want to know the procedure for quashing then you must know what is the meaning of quashing because under section 482 of the criminal procedure code then quash of a FIR depends upon several factors viz., grounds for quashing, vague allegations, no prima facie case made out, non maintainability of the case and technical error in the state FIR or court complaint etc

    the procedure for quashing may be to first file a LTR to weaken the case and also may file few RTI's in which the High Court or the lower court may ask you itself to file a Quash Petition, and if after LTR a quash is filed then the chances of success may be higher.

    a LTR means a Lego Technical Representation details of which may be found at

    atur chatur india (9873540498)

  14. man helpline in delhi (9873540498)

    quashing means to quash the basic FIR whereas the cancellation of FIR means that state filing a favorable report in favoir of accused and sometimes also as against the complainant and the two modes to achieve this goal is to g for b report or a c report vis-a-vis a final report i.e., FR of Truth

    atur chatur consultation on email (9873540498)

  15. man cell delhi (9873540498)

    supreme court of india has issued guidelines on quashing due to the reason that the state usually holds the FIR and as soon as the husband files for quashing then the state/ police i.e., the investigating officer presents a charge sheet which is technically invalid because where was the IO sleeping so long, hence the SC has issued guidelines that even if the CS has been filed after quash petition u/s 482 crpc is filed by husband or co-accused in a 498a matter, or any other matter then, even then the HC or SC may listen to the FIR quashing so this is not an excuse that a CS hjas been filed and the FIR may NOT be quashed but even better would be an approach wherein the husband files a LTR as per the link before filing for quash u/s 482 crpc

    atur chatur (9873540498)

  16. man cell delhi (9873540498)

    whenever a FIR has been filed then there is no question left to ask what happens after FIR because the basic purpose of registration is to conduct an investigation and if the investigation is not conducted then the investigation is not fair and thereafter if the husband files for quash and the IO prepares a Charge Sheet in haux pauz or in a haste then the FIR Quashing petition may still be heard and even the FIR may be quashed without having to go into or look into the CS

    the SC is strict on the state but still for the success of a Quash, a LTR may be filed before filing 482 petition in high court

    consultation by atur chatur on phone (9873540498)

  17. men cell delhi (9873540498)

    quashing of fir means quashing of criminal proceedings and the section 482 of criminal proicedure code may be used for such quashing but before going for quashing it may be relevant to file a LTR before hand so that the unethical practices may be duly curbed and the human rights of the accused may be protected and invoked

    in delhi, the men cell delhi needs a push from the government so that such org's come up and get estabished by the government of india like there may be women cells in almost all localities of delhi

    atur chatur india (9873540498)

  18. man cell in delhi (9873540498)

    best way to clear false allegations and to close a FIR may be to file a LTR given at

    this LTR may help in closing a false 498a FIR and even the young boys trapped in false 376 related FIR by their livein partners or girfriends needs to be closed via b report or even by a c report and this may be done only by a LTR

    so boys and men need to understand the need for breaking sanctity of a women or at least break the sanctity of that women who has filed a false case on you and this breaking of sanctity needs to be legal or technical i.e., through a LTR only as per the best of our knowledge

    atur chatur's helpline for men rights activists in delhi (9873540498)

  19. men cell in delhi (9873540498)

    there is no tme limit to file a FIR but if there is a LIAR then 24 hours is the time as per rule i.e., a crime must be reported immediately or within a maximum period of 24 hours

    else the reason for delay of reporting a crime in delhi needs to be explained and a IO may not be a mute spectator and he is duty bound to do fair investigation of a FIR in Delhi so that the accused if innocent does not have to go into the hardships of mental trauma due to false 498a or other false FIR filed by disgruntled wife or some other disgruntled women

    atur chatur helpline on internet and email for nri's (9873540498)

  20. man cell delhi (9873540498)

    procedure for investigation after FIR may also include testification of the veracity of the complainant because if the complainant is of shady character then the FIR may be false and the IO therefore has the legal duty to weed out false FIR during his investigation

    the set procedure needs to be followed for investigation and this investigation may be unbiased and fair otherwise the husband may be required to file a LTR

    atur chatur (9873540498)

  21. man cell delhi (9873540498)

    in order to remove a red corner notice against a NRI by visiting men cell in delhi, it may be even better if the consultation by atur chatur on phone may be taken

    because during 498a consultation by atur chatur on phone consultation, the NRI may be able to clear a lot of doubts and thereby 498a consultation or at least a false domestic violence consultation with atur chatur by a NRI husband may be the right procedure or the right approach at this point of time

    consultation by atur chatur on phone (9873540498)

  22. men cell in delhi (9873540498)

    how to hire best advocate for divorce of a NRI spouse or NRI couple is a madly searched query so the answer by atur chatur is to either do not get married but if you being a NRI has gotten married to a wrong lady then you may never try to hore an advocate or a lawyer especially if such non resident indian husband from USA/ UK etc has rebuttals or documents prving falsity of the FIR

    whenever your docs are not able to divert the investigation then in order to influence the investigation, you may never contact a lawyer or advocate and there is also no concept of hiring or firing of an advocate or lawyer

    it is called engaging a lawyer and signing a vakalatnama but as per the best knoweldge of atur chatur, the advocate need not/ never be engaged or hired in a false FIR if your evidences/ proofs are sufficient to suffice the falsity of the FIR and the complainant

    atur chatur helpline on internet and email for nri's (9873540498)

  23. man helpline in delhi (9873540498)

    if you want to know how to get bail under false 498a FIR
    or how to get the FIR quashed

    then go no further and read
    because this site explains the importance of quashing for a NRI and the propper procedure and pre-requisites before filing a quash u/s 482 crpc

    the LTR may be filed as a pre-requisite to a Quash so that the NRI husband does not have to go into the ordeal despite having tonnes of proofs against FIR

    atur chatur consultation on email (9873540498)

  24. men cell delhi (9873540498)

    if a NRI arrested under false FIR having false domestic violence or dowry charges then the NRI needs to file LTR by showing his evidences and rebuttals to atur chatur so that only those or all those relevant proofs may be used or not used in a manner best conducive to uplift the case of the NRI before the bail authorities

    once the bail is obtained the next procedure for a NRI is to go for regularisation of bail from the court

    passport revoked or passport seizure if happened with the NBon Resident Indian husband then that needs to be taken back legally or technically and a LTR may be filed by the NRI husband

    how to fight false domestic violence case as per atur chatur (9873540498)

  25. men rights for nri (9873540498)

    men rights for nri may help the non resident indian husband in knowing how to file marriage visa for spouse and this application contains specific details about the girl to be married and taken to the USA/UK by the NRI husband

    498a ipc by atur chatur at the link below may also help non resident husband knowing his rights and procedure for cancellation of a FIR under section 498a of Indian Penal Code

    498a ipc by atur chatur (9873540498)

  26. atur chatur helpline for men in false 498a (9873540498) for NRI (Non Resident Indian) may help a NRI in knowing how to reduce alimony because the alimony or maintenance may be cut by invoking human rights and attacking legal extortion at the right point

    a LTR may be the right approach if the husband wishes to expose falsity of wife thereby reducing alimony or may be arriving at Zero Alimony for the wife based on LTR as per

    In Delhi also such NRI from all over India may be able to get help from Atur Chatur by his able consultation

    so, go ahead and file LTR

  27. Purush Aayog Whatsapp Number?

    Closing a false complaint of a wife is important or else whatever action you take later on, may squarely fall under AFTER THOUGHTS

    There are several Dharnajeevis, MRA NGO's, Lawyers, Pseudo Activists, Whatsapp Groups, Chat Groups managed by Lawyers & their commission agents on internet who WIN THE TRUST of men victims & destroy even those genuine cases which can be very easily resolved, and once the husband falls under such traps then his case becomes unsolvable

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DIVORCE WALA for divorce, compromise, settlement & mediation

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