Thursday 24 November 2016

DIVORCE WALA for divorce, compromise, settlement & mediation


NOTE:- Advise available for all countries laws vis-a-vis adultery & divorce so if you want divorce from your adulterous wife & want to have Consultation with ATUR CHATUR by paying him the consultation fees then contact him at +91-9873540498 & must also leave an email at ATURCHATUR@YAHOO.COM


Divorce Wala is the venture started by Hon'ble Atur Chatur which helps you understand the right way to file divorce.

If you need Divorce from your wife who filed false dowry complaints against you then DO NOT HASTE TO FILE DIVORCE if any divorce expert suggests you because the right STARTING POINT is RTI+TEP so that the husband is NOT blamed by the wife for harassment if mere TEP is filed. We are the eXperts in drafting your RTI+TEP and for which currently the fees is Rs. 3,000.- only wherein we also give you a lot of valuable judgments which help you succeed in proving the falsity of dowry claims of your wife.

Kindly note that:- If your wife does NOT sleep with you or she has left at her own accord / wishes then you need to get thorough consultation with divorce wala @ atur chatur so that you do not fall in trap of those divorce experts/ divorce gurus who falsely claim & thereby mislead you towards quick divorce. We believe that if you follow the right approach then you get close to getting divorce from adulterous or cruel wife.

Contact DIVORCE WALA @ +91-9873540498

Divorce Wala is an attempt by Atur Chatur to guide you the right steps towards getting divorce or right steps in bringing your adulterous/ cruel wife to the settlement or negotiation table.

To know more about Atur Chatur kindly visit:- ATUR CHATUR dot COM

  Contact DIVORCE WALA @ +91-9873540498

We have also started ventures such as Settlement Wala, Compromise Wala & Mediation Wala wherein we guide you people on how to bring the opposite party to the negotiation table & come for settlement, be it in mediation or be it in court.

Kindly be confident even if you guys are feeling very low in front of these women centric laws as there is OF COURSE a ray of light which we will guide you even in the times of utmost sadness. Must give us a chance to prove our worth. I am sure you won't be disheartened.

Best Wishes & Happy Fighting false cases & SOCIAL STIGMA on you & family!!!.


Contact DIVORCE WALA @ +91-9873540498

DIVORCE WALA for divorce, compromise, settlement & mediation

PLEASE FIRST READ DISCLAIMER OF  ATUR CHATUR NOTE:- Advise available for all countries  laws  vis-a-vis  adultery  & di...